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Our Policies


  • Comfortable dancewear or workout wear is recommended for dance classes. 

  • No jeans allowed at class. 

  • Please wear dance shoes. We do not recommend wearing ballet slippers, as they do not have enough traction for the type of dance we perform. Dancers should wear leather jazz dance shoes.

  • Kneepads are a must for dancers! These can be purchased through UCD, or on your own at a sporting or dance store. Please make sure your dancer has a pair to wear during each class.

  • Dancer’s hair should be pulled up into a ponytail or bun and/or off the face.. Long hair that is not pulled back can really interfere with hooking up and other dance moves. It also helps to keep her from brushing it off her face while dancing.

  • Attending each class is very important. All of our routines have certain formations, which involve each dancer. It makes it difficult and confusing for the students that are attending class on a regular basis to have someone frequently absent. Please try to make it to as many classes as possible. If you miss a class it is your responsibility to get together with a classmate to learn what you missed. We will not stop class to review for absentees.

  • Monthly calendars will be emailed to each family, but will also be available on our web site. Please make sure you review these each month, as they provide important information on performances, etc. and is the main communication between the parents and Director. Calendars and other notes will also be posted on our web site.

  • Come in catch your dancer in class ~ most nights teachers will open the Viewing Windows for the last few minutes of class.




U Can Danz! Dance Company’s main focus and mission is that every child has FUN in dance class. The atmosphere at UCD is POSITIVE. UCD will not tolerate negative attitudes, or any type of poor behavior among fellow students, parents, and/or teachers. We want everyone to have a good time! If for some reason you are unhappy about something, please call Tina first. UCD wants nothing but for your child to have a fun experience. If for some reason you are unhappy, I’m sure it was a matter of misunderstanding, as there should be nothing throughout the year that should upset you or your dancer. UCD reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. If behavior from the dancer, and or parents or guardians is not appropriate and/or disrespectful, you will be asked to leave UCD.




  • All dance families are set up with an Auto Pay account through a checking or savings account. For all details please see the Auto Pay information on our Registration Page.

  • If you decide to drop out of UCD, you must give a 30-day written notice. In addition, there will be a $25 dropout fee charged to your account.

  • NSF fee of $25.

  • All accounts must be paid up to date in order to dance at performances and/or continue with UCD. 

  • Failure to pay late fees and Returned Check Fees may result in you being asked to leave UCD, and/or not having your child dance at a performance until paid. 

  • The person signing the Registration Form is ultimately responsible for the accounts being paid up to date; this includes any additional fees (late tuition fees, late pick-up fees, etc.)

  • Please Note:  Tuition is based on a monthly fee. Some months your child may attend lessons 4 times, other months it may be 2 or 3. UCD does have a 3-week Holiday Break & a 2-week Spring Break, and does not hold classes on most holidays. Tuition is not adjusted for months with fewer classes, rather, you will not be charged for “extra practices” (i.e., the Twolves performance practice and all the Dance Show’s mass practices and rehearsals). 

  • In the case of bad weather,or any other reason out of our control, classes will be cancelled. There may or may not be a make-up day scheduled. 




  • Orders will be made at the beginning of the year. 

  • One costume per year. Costumes will be worn every time we perform.

  • Dancers MUST purchase a uniform to participate in UCD classes.




UCD will arrange a couple Shoe Nights, in August and September. Step n' Stretch will come to us, size your dancer during her regularly scheduled dance class, and then order and deliver the shoes to us. In order to ensure that everyone purchases the correct shoe, in the same matching color tones, UCD requests that all UCD families purchase their dance shoes through Step n' Stretch.


Shoe color assignments will be made when costume information is passed out. Every dancer will wear the leather jazz shoe style. Step n' Stretch  supplies us with the highest quality leather dance shoe. A shoe that will be able to withstand the entire year of dancing in our one and only pair. If you are using a used pair of dance shoes, all shoes have to be in good condition with no holes in them, and should be clean for every performance.




Each year there are many parents that are late when picking up their dancers. UCD Dance Teachers will not leave 

the location until everyone is picked up. Late pick-ups mean more costs for UCD, so a late pick-up fee will be endorsed. If your dancer is in the last class of the night, and you are late picking her up you will be charged. The cost will be $20 for the first five minutes and $5 per minute after that. Please make sure that if you are having someone else pick up your dancer that they know the correct times. As mentioned under the “Payments” portion of these policies, the person signing the Registration Form is ultimately responsible for making sure their account is paid up to date. The late pick-up policy is in place for all extra practices and rehearsals too.




Dancers will learn an average of five routines throughout the dance year. Each routine takes numerous classes to complete and perfect. You may see the dancers perform the same dance routine more than once. This is normal in the sport of dance, due to the time and effort it takes to put a dance together. 




No personal video cameras/recording devices will be allowed into the gymnasium before or during UCD’s Recitals. UCD Recitals are copyrighted. Any type of video taping without the expressed written consent from U Can Danz! Dance Company and/or Kristina Holtzleicer is prohibited by law. Guests that do not cooperate with this request and try to video the Recital will be asked to put away their video camera, and/or leave the show. For your convenience, UCD schedules a professional company to come and video the Recitals. Every dance family will be provided an edited version of the entire Recital at a minimal fee.




There is always so much to do and so many dancers to keep track of! UCD ALWAYS NEEDS HELPERS at performances and recitals. We encourage parents to help as much as they can!




If weather conditions are poor, UCD will send out a mass email. No phone calls will be made. If the weather is bad, please make sure to double check before you head off to class, and/or before you drop your child off at dance class!




If for some reason you have decided to quit UCD, you must give a 30-day written notice. There is a $25 drop-out fee added to your Auto Pay Account.

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