Fall 2020 Weekly Class Schedule

Fall Registration 2020 opens to the public on Tuesday, Aug. 18 at 8 pm

ONce a week options


MONDAY ~ 5:30-6:00

WEDNESDAY ~ 4:30-5:00

THURSDAY ~ 5:00-5:30

1st & 2nd Grade

MONDAY ~ 6:10-6:55

WEDNESDAY ~ 5:10-5:55

THURSDAY ~ 5:40-6:25

3rd Grade & Up

WEDNESDAY ~ 6:05-6:50

THURSDAY ~ 5:50-6:35


Details below.

This is our "Traditional" Schedule.

Speciality classes can be added at a later time, depending on enrollment.

TWICE a week options

BRONZE Elite ~ 3rd & 4th gr.

MONDAY ~ 7:05-7:50  and

THURSDAY ~ 6:35-7:25

Corresponding TECHNIQUE Class

MONDAY ~ 6:35-7:05

SILVER Elite ~ 5th & 6th gr.

TUESDAY ~ 5:15-6:00  and

THURSDAY ~ 7:35-8:25

Corresponding TECHNIQUE Class

TUESDAY ~ 6:00-6:30

GOLD Elite ~ 7th gr. & Up

MONDAY ~ 5:00-5:50  and

TUESDAY ~ 7:00-7:45

Corresponding TECHNIQUE Class

TUESDAY ~ 7:45-8:15


Neighborhood Class

Friends Group Class

Please note: this schedule is subject to change at any time.

 ELITE DANCE TEAMS ~ Come twice a week!

If you have an interest in participating in Competitions recreationally

(one routine at a competition), you can do so through our Elite Dance Classes.
However, you must also be registered for a corresponding Elite Level Technique class.

No Summer Requirements ~ No Auditions ~ Classes based on Grade Level.

Bronze Elite ~ 3rd & 4th gr.

Silver Elite ~ 5th & 6th gr.

Gold Elite ~ 7th Gr. & Up


 2 off each additional class added to family account. Competition Team Tuition is not available for discounts.

registration details

First month's tuition and Registration Fee of 45 is due at time of Registration. Both fees are non-refundable.

TUITION ~ Billed monthly ~ sept-may

PreKind/Kind  45   ~   1st & 2nd Grade  50   ~   Elite (twice a week)  92   ~   Technique  42

virtual option details

Families that are not comfortable sending their dancer back to in-person classes, can opt to register for virtual only. 
Virtual options will be available by logging into a live-stream class at home via Zoom for specific classes.
This allows your child to stay involved in dance, interact with the class, all while giving you peace of mind.
Please contact us directly if this is the option you decide to choose.


We have adjusted our schedule accordingly. No classes are scheduled back-to-back.

This will provide space for dancers to social distance when they arrive and leave.

Class sizes will be very limited. Most classes with younger children will have two teachers
to help reinforce students maintain social distancing, mask wearing when needed, and good hygiene.

Dance rooms and floors will be sanitized between EVERY class.

Dance floors clearly marked for social distancing while in place, and moving across the floor.

Masks required for students until they enter the dance room and when not dancing.
Teachers are expected to wear them all the time. If a teacher removes their mask, it must be
for a brief time, and they must be over six feet away from a student.

Extensive cleaning protocols with medical-grade cleaning supplies.

For our complete plan, and/or if you have any questions, please contact us directly.

7928 Kerber Blvd, Chanhassen, MN 55317

Tel: 952.607.5255

EMAIL: director@ucandanz.com




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