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Fall 2023 Weekly Class Offerings

Fall 2023 Registration IS NOW OPEN! Classes start the week of Sept. 11

Class Schedule will be posted at the bottom of this page.

At U Can Danz! Dance Company we strive to provide a positive and fun atmosphere for your child to learn dance. We not only take pride in teaching them dance technique and dance routines, but we make it a priority to build their self-esteem. We provide age-appropriate dance costumes, music, and choreographing that is hard to find anywhere else. We work hard at organizing many performances and fun events. Your dancer will always be learning something new and get the chance to perform multiple times throughout the dance year. We are a professional Dance Company and produce amazing results and life long memories. 


At U Can Danz! Dance Company we are very proud of the environment we have created. A sense of community, friendships, and compassion come first. We are proud of the talented dancers we have trained and the accolades they have been awarded. However, we are even more proud of the people they are. We interact with many other studios, and we continue to see a difference in the attitude and humbleness of our students. Our dancers continue to be kind, humble, and very talented. UCD is a fun, warm and safe atmosphere for your dancer to continue to grow their passion for dance – no matter what level they decide to dance at!



Perfect for the dancers that are sampling different sports and/or have a busy family schedule that only allows for a once-a-week class. This is a recreational program. All classes meet once a week.


ALL-STARS perform at our three main Studio Performances:
Holiday Recital, Timberwolves Halftime, and our Spring Recital.

ALL-STARS will learn 4-5 different routines throughout the year and only need one costume and
one pair of dance shoes for the entire year.


Within our ALL-STAR classes, dancers will learn to follow along in a class, work together as a team, be introduced to multiple dance styles, along with learning stage presence! Throughout the year they will advance their dancing, stretching and technique abilities accordingly. Dancers learn in a fun, fast paced environment that focuses on building the child’s self-esteem, not only as a dancer, but also as a person and performer. With the latest music and dance choreographing, your dancers will really enjoy coming to class each week. All things are taught in a fun, creative, compassionate environment.


  • 45-minute class, once a week - $52

  • Beginner Basic Ballet Tech

  • Beginning Basic Tumbling

  • Beginning of Jazz

  • Flexibility Training

  • Introduction to Technique (Leaps, Turns, Jumps)

  • Multiple Studio/Class Parties to encourage friendships
    and team bonding

1st & 2nd Grade

  • 1-hour class, once a week - $55

  • Building on Basic Ballet Technique

  • Building on Tumbling for Dancers

  • Building on Jazz

  • Beginner Technique Skills (Leaps, Turns, Jumps)

  • Flexibility Training

  • Multiple Studio/Class Parties to encourage friendships and team bonding

PreTeen (starting at 3rd Grade)

  • 1-hour class, once a week - $55

  • Lyrical and Contemporary Dance Styles incorporated

  • Jazz Technique and Routine

  • Tumbling for Dancers Skills

  • Continue Education Building on Technique Skills (Leaps, Turns, Jumps)

  • Flexibility Training

  • Multiple Studio/Class Parties to encourage friendships and team bonding

Boy's Hip Hop

  • 45-minute class, once a week - $50

  • Open to all ages




For the dancer that wants to accelerate their skills and dance with others at a similar level! These dancers have the dedication and love for dance, but not ready to commit to the Premier Competition Team level. Junior Competition Team dancers will spend more time at the Studio working on skills and perfecting routines to bring to Competitions. This option is sure to set your dancer up for success.

  • Open to dancers in Kindergarten and up

  • Minimal Summer Classes required

  • Placements made to teams in August

  • Attend class twice a week during the year - Attendance policy will be put in place

  • Classes based on placements

  • Class time will include:

    • Flexibility Training

    • Proper Technique Drills

    • Progressions across the floor

    • Tumbling for Dancers

  • These dancers will get to perform at our three main Studio Performances:
    Holiday Recital, Timberwolves Halftime, and our Spring Recital.

  • Dancers will learn a minimum of 4 routines, multiple styles, throughout the year. Three of these routines will be Competition-focused.

  • Dancers will get to participate in our Competition Showcase Event with our Premier Competition Teams. This Showcase Event is held locally.


    • Participate in three Regional Competitions – optional to do more

    • Participate in Nationals (held in Wisconsin Dells) – it’s SO FUN!

    • Two Team Routines, and one Production Routine with the Premier Comp Teams

    • At least three costumes throughout the year

  • Optional opportunity to participate in a Hip Hop Competition Squad

  • Optional opportunity to participate in a Solo, Duet and/or Trio, and Small Groups



Commitment. Dedication. Determination. Amazing Talent.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Our Premier Competition Team Dancers are so talented because they joined these Teams! Our amazing teachers and choreographers will help you progress as a dancer in a very short amount of time. Dedication and consistency will bring you amazing results. Premier Competition Team dancer’s main focus will be advancing their dance skills and preparing multiple routines to take to Competitions. These dancers will dance an average of 4 hours per week, coming at least twice a week. Dancers will audition and be placed on Teams with dancers at a similar level. They will learn multiple routines and multiple styles. The friendships you will make on these teams will make you feel like you have an extended family.

  • Open to 3rd Grade and up

  • Auditions Required – during Summer 2023

  • Summer Requirements – Intensives, Auditions, Choreography Workshop

  • The number of Teams will be determined based on Audition Results

  • Attendance policy will be put in place

  • Dancers will attend dance at least twice a week, for no less than two hours per night

  • Choreography Workshops, and extra rehearsals will be scheduled on some weekends

  • Dancers will compete with three Team Routines, two Line/Production Routines

  • Premier Competition Teams will have multiple costumes, dance shoes, make-up, earrings, etc.

  • Option to be part of the Hip Hop Competition Team

  • Option to be part of Small Groups

  • Option to do Solos, Duets and/or Trios

  • Premier Competition Team Dancers will participate in the following:

    • At least three Regional Competitions

    • One Nationals Dance Competition

    • Optional opportunity to attend additional Regional Comps with Solos/Duets/Trios/Small Grps

    • Showcase Event

    • Optional Dance Convention

    • UCD’s three main performances: Holiday & Spring Recitals, Twolves Halftime

    • Two U of M Gophers Basketball Halftimes.

    • Access to Guest Teachers and Master Classes

    • Access to UCD’s new Training Program to assist/teach at the Studio

    • Multiple Team and Studio bonding events

Senior Comp 0Q5A3801.jpg

Fall 2023 Registration IS NOW OPEN! Class start the week of Sept. 11

Please note: this schedule/OFFERINGS subject to change at any time.


 2 off each additional class added to family account. Competition Team Tuition is not available for discounts.

registration details

First month's tuition and Registration Fee of 45 is due at time of Registration.
Both fees are non-refundable.

TUITION ~ Billed monthly ~ sept-may

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