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One Costume All YearLong!


To keep costs low, each group will purchase only 

ONE costume for the entire year. 


Dancers will wear their dance costumes at performances only. 


All costumes are age appropriate and conservative,

yet FUN for the dancers to wear!


Dancers also only need to purchase one pair of dance shoes

for the entire year. 


UCD schedules a few "Shoe Fittings" to take place at the Studio

"step n' stretch" comes to our Studio and fits your child with dance shoes.


** Competition Teams require more costumes ** 

elite & competition teams rent costumes for our holiday performances

2020-2021 Costumes for Elite & Once-a-Week Dancers

For Dancers and Fans

wardrobe for classes

Dancers can wear whatever they feel comfortable moving around in. 


We recommend some type of dance leotards/outfits,

biker shorts, regular shorts, or leggings.


Dancers should wear dance shoes.


Jeans are not allowed.

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